Meet Dad


He likes photography. In fact, he thinks he took so many pictures of the kids when they were younger that they wouldn't recognize him if he didn't have a camera on his face!

In the summer he plays tennis, in the winter he plays squash. Both sports use rackets.

He is good with computers. There are way too many computers in the house.

He is really good at bike riding.

He is really, really good at mini-putt!

He says he has a black belt in tickle-karate. He never loses.

He has a job that he goes to every day, but the kids think dad fixes Xboxes for his job. He doesn't!

Dad loves pho, Thai food, and pizza, but not fish - even though he's from an island. He also doesn't like to swim...did I mention he's from an island?!

He likes pie and ice cream...ok most desserts.

Most of all, Dad likes to have fun with the kids!

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